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Mar 23

Triumph! on Flickr.

Triumph! on Flickr.

Jul 25

New blog post: Europe 2012: The travelog begins -

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Jul 19

New blog post: Stop global warming by unsubscribing from this blog! -

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Jul 18

New blog post: The Itinerary Of Dooooooom! -

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Jul 16

New blog post: Open thread, July 2012 -

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Jul 11

Cities and Citizenship: Anti-Graffiti, Part 1: Aesthetics -

An interesting take on the aesthetics of the anti-graffiti movement, and how it often co-opts graffiti to its own ends. Lots of interesting example pics from Sydney.

Revising The Revisionists - The -

Excellent article about the 1898 armed coup and massacre of black residents of Wilmington, North Carolina. Reminds me of the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me”, and of course Australia’s own “history wars”.

Jul 10

New blog post: Keynoting GUADEC, travelling in Europe -

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Jun 30

The Strongest Woman In America Lives In Poverty -

This top weightlifter, on her way to the Olympics, can’t afford to eat. She needs 3000-4000 calories a day while she’s training, and relies on food banks. No sponsorships because of sizeism — they don’t think she’s hot enough, or something. She has an indiegogo fundraiser here if you want to help her out:

Jun 26

New blog post: Elsewhere -

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